A Quick Fix for a minor GitLab GUI Error

So I recently encountered a weird error in the Admin Dashboard of GitLab:

No GitLab-Shell Version

It wasn’t a gitlab-shell error, the bin/check script ran fine. Git and Ruby at accepted versions from the rake gitlab:check command but it did show an error:

GitLab Shell version &gt;= 1.7.9 ? ... <span style="color: #ff0000;">FAIL. Please update gitlab-shell to 1.7.9 from Unknown</span>

The fix is simple, a wrong path in gitlab.yml:

187   ## GitLab Shell settings
188     gitlab_shell:
189     path: /wrong/git/gitlab-shell/

(Some of the machine I administer use a different /home path.)

So, simply fix the path, restart gitlab and things will work.

Screenshot 2014-01-30 12.34.33

GitHub ‘Ghost Accounts’

I’m sure you’ve looked at your News Feed on your GitHub account and have seen the occasional Forking or Staring of something of yours or someone following you:

i'm famous

Yet, I have noticed most of this activity to be suspicious to say the least.

The common things I see are:

  • Only forking of others’ projects that for the most part are random, no common languages, utility, etc.
  • No public projects of their own.
  • No contributions to anything they have forked.
  • Activity in spurts; within the same day.
  • They follow and are followed by like accounts with the same traits.
  • Those accounts seem to have creation dates that are similar
Its a digital army of zombies!
Its a digital army of zombies!
Shuffling zombies
Lazy Zombies

I’v reported these accounts as suspicious but they can’t do anything about — or won’t. As they haven’t done anything. But, this has to take up disk space. I think this may be a slow build up of accounts to blend in for eventual network of malware spreading. I hope GitHub wises up to this soon and makes sign ups a bit less trusting. Email verification? Something.




iCloud, the little sync service that can’t

Beta? you Bet!
iCloud Pages, Numbers, Keynote Icons

So last night I started to notice that Pages, Numbers, Keynote iCloud documents and Day One entries were not able to sync.

I tried the standard rigamarole: turning off Document syncing, restarting computers and iOS devices to no success. Right now, my Day One entries are in a zip file on my Desktop.

Then I found a log file called ubiquity-digest.log in Console.app. Here’s what I found:

there was a http error 503 while talking to iCloud reason: ubiquity account locked

I work with web servers and mail servers, so here’s my thought on what is happening: deep in Apple’s server farms, they found or a major error occurred and they have turned off the server process by disabling the user account it runs under (ubiquity) that the Macs, iOS devices talk to, to prevent damage to existing data. Granted this is just a wild-ass guess.

This could be only related to a particular server or so, otherwise I am sure it would be in the media.

I would hope they are fixing it, but Apple’s Server Status pages are, as of this post, silent.

So, Apple, I have a question: What kind of cock-up does it take to communicate with customers via your server status pages?