automysqlbackup and du warning “use –si”

du: WARNING: use –si, not -H; the meaning of the -H option will soon
change to be the same as that of –dereference-args (-D)

I updated my copy of automysqlbackup and started to get the error above. automysqlbackup doesn’t get a lot of active traffic ? the last update was 2011-08-19. A bug report (#3489668) mentions this but it was submitted 2012-02-20. So, I am not holding my breath on a new release. Based on the bug report, here’s the diff patch.

< echo `du -hsH “${CONFIG_backup_dir}”`

> echo `du -hs –si “${CONFIG_backup_dir}”`

Simply search for line 1972 (or du -hsH) and replace it with the last line above.

NB. The code gets munged a bit. There are 2 dashes before the si.

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