A Quick Note on GitLab 7.4 and Remote Storage Backups

So, 7.4 came out today and among other things, includes sending backups to remote storage like  Amazon S3 storage. Here’s a quick tip or two about getting it setup. Example from my gitlab.yml: ## Backup settings backup: path: “tmp/backups” # Relative paths are relative to Rails.root (default: tmp/backups/) keep_time: 604800 # default: 0 (forever) (in seconds) […]

A Quick Fix for a minor GitLab GUI Error

So I recently encountered a weird error in the Admin Dashboard of GitLab: It wasn’t a gitlab-shell error, the bin/check script ran fine. Git and Ruby at accepted versions from the rake gitlab:check command but it did show an error: GitLab Shell version >= 1.7.9 ? … FAIL. Please update gitlab-shell to 1.7.9 from Unknown […]

GitLab 6.5 and Secure Cookies

Gitlab 6.5 was released earlier this week so naturally it was time to upgrade  my dev box. But things broke. I could authenticate fine but got redirected back to the login page. Also, in the production.log it spit out: Started POST “/users/sign_in” for 1.x.x.x at 2014-01-22 11:11:58 -0500 Processing by Devise::SessionsController#create as HTML Parameters: {“utf8″=>”?”, […]

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