GitLab 6.5 and Secure Cookies

Gitlab 6.5 was released earlier this week so naturally it was time to upgrade  my dev box. But things broke. I could authenticate fine but got redirected back to the login page. Also, in the production.log it spit out: Started POST “/users/sign_in” for 1.x.x.x at 2014-01-22 11:11:58 -0500 Processing by Devise::SessionsController#create as HTML Parameters: {“utf8″=>”?”, […]

rake gitlab:check complains about git version

With the 5.2 version of gitlab, the bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production command complains about the current distro’s version of git: Your git bin path is “/usr/bin/git” Git version >= 1.7.10 ? … no Try fixing it: Update your git to a version >= 1.7.10 from 1.7.9 Please fix the error above and rerun the […]

Fixing gitlab errors with git operations

Recenlty, I was able to install the 5.2 branch of gitlab for work. I ran into the following error when cloning a repo: git pull fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. yet, ssh and ssh keys were working: ssh -T […]

Cosm – a simple use case: UPS monitor

With a simple desktop serving as a ubuntu server at home and with sketchy electrical power at times, it nice to see the status and history of the UPS. And with, I can. This is the feed for my UPS. The script I made is below:

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