Fun with Incomplete Error Messages in BIND

Ran into a problem with named/Bind. I wasn’t able to update some slave DNS servers from our master:

May  3 15:07:55 dns3 named[7005]: transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: CNAME and other data
May  3 15:07:58 dns3 named[7005]: client update forwarding 'XYZ.EDU/IN' denied

This is actually quite easy to fix. First, use dig to download the zone file in question:

dig -t axfr > /root/

then use named-checkzone to check it:

/usr/sbin/named-checkzone /root/
dns_master_load: /root/ CNAME and other data
zone loading master file /root/ CNAME and other data

There it is! In this case had an A record and a CNAME which the RFCs say is not recommended.

A quick fix and after re-flushing the zone, a zone transfer with dig works:

dig -t axfr > /root/
/usr/sbin/named-checkzone /root/
zone loaded serial 2011050308

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