iCloud, the little sync service that can’t

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iCloud Pages, Numbers, Keynote Icons

So last night I started to notice that Pages, Numbers, Keynote iCloud documents and Day One entries were not able to sync.

I tried the standard rigamarole: turning off Document syncing, restarting computers and iOS devices to no success. Right now, my Day One entries are in a zip file on my Desktop.

Then I found a log file called ubiquity-digest.log in Console.app. Here’s what I found:

there was a http error 503 while talking to iCloud reason: ubiquity account locked

I work with web servers and mail servers, so here’s my thought on what is happening: deep in Apple’s server farms, they found or a major error occurred and they have turned off the server process by disabling the user account it runs under (ubiquity) that the Macs, iOS devices talk to, to prevent damage to existing data. Granted this is just a wild-ass guess.

This could be only related to a particular server or so, otherwise I am sure it would be in the media.

I would hope they are fixing it, but Apple’s Server Status pages are, as of this post, silent.

So, Apple, I have a question: What kind of cock-up does it take to communicate with customers via your server status pages?

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