Zabbix and Percona

I am staging a Zabbix v3 install and needed to monitor MySQL with Percona. I used the Zabbix Template from this page, and ran into errors: Invalid tag "/zabbix_export/templates/template(1)/items/item(1)": the tag "snmp_community" is missing. Among others. It looks like the template from Percona is a bit outdated for Zabbix v3. I spent a few hours [...]

iOS 8.0 and excessive ‘Documents & Sync’ over LTE

"Verizon Msg: You've used about 50% of your 3GB data plan..." I received this warning only 2 days before my data plan started over. I thought nothing about it at the time. Then, a few days later, after the start of the billing cycle, I got: "Verizon Msg: You've used about 50% of your 3GB data plan..." [...]

A Quick Note on GitLab 7.4 and Remote Storage Backups

So, 7.4 came out today and among other things, includes sending backups to remote storage like  Amazon S3 storage. Here's a quick tip or two about getting it setup. Example from my gitlab.yml: ## Backup settings backup: path: "tmp/backups" # Relative paths are relative to Rails.root (default: tmp/backups/) keep_time: 604800 # default: 0 (forever) (in seconds) [...]

A Quick Fix for a minor GitLab GUI Error

So I recently encountered a weird error in the Admin Dashboard of GitLab: It wasn't a gitlab-shell error, the bin/check script ran fine. Git and Ruby at accepted versions from the rake gitlab:check command but it did show an error: GitLab Shell version >= 1.7.9 ? ... FAIL. Please update gitlab-shell to 1.7.9 from Unknown [...]

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