Cosm – a simple use case: UPS monitor

With a simple desktop serving as a ubuntu server at home and with sketchy electrical power at times, it nice to see the status and history of the UPS. And with, I can. This is the feed for my UPS.┬áThe script I made is below:

Gitlab 5.1 – Adventures in upgrading from 5.0

I planned to upgrade later in the week hoping for a simple upgrade. But, I found myself upgrading despite my plans. Of course, it had some issues. Here's how I fixed them. Problem 1: Puma 2.0.0.b7 starting... * Min threads: 0, max threads: 16 * Environment: production * Listening on unix:///home/git/gitlab/tmp/sockets/gitlab.socket /home/git/gitlab/vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/puma-2.0.0.b7/lib/puma/binder.rb:234:in `initialize': Address already …

Creating a x86_64 rpm from the src.rpm

I recently had a need to rebuild a x86_64 rpm from the source rpm on RHEL 6. I needed the Darwin Streaming Server from Apple, but it seems to be neglected. So no rpm at all. A prerequisite for this is a key to sign the rpm with. If you don't have one, creating one …

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