The unBuild

As tech tradition dictates, here’s a post on the build for the new server of mine.

I chose the case for its 8 Bays for hard drives and room for 2 SSD Drives. Plus the window is nice to see the lights on the motherboard. The motherboard was chosen for the 8 SATA ports. The processor was chosen for price point reasons. I got the fastest with the most cores. Memory was also chosen for price point also. The LEDs on the memory was a bonus. The power supply was chosen for output and cable management.

For the parts listed, it was under $800. I did add 2 – 3TB hard drives in addition to my existing 2 – 2TB drives from my old Inspiron and a SSD for a cache drive. I wound up adding a second SSD drive after finding a like sized SSD to match the existing drive to be a RAID 1 cache.

UPDATE: A few weeks ago, one of the 2TB started to spit out SMART errors and relocated sectors. I bought a 3TB to replace it. I used the PreClear Plugin to prep it as is recommended. I had used Preclear on the 2TB drives also but only ran one scan. Its possible I could have failed a drive before putting it in the array by running more than one course.

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